A Life Less Ordinary

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India has a vast history of child labour and child marriages, in the foreword Sheelay introduces the author of the narrative” A life Less Ordinary”, she authenticates that Baby Halder is indeed the author. Sheelay presents the setting of the narrative by giving the name of the place where the narrative takes place which is Delhi. The foreword also introduces character relationships for example Baby Halder, her children and her employer.
Another significance of the foreword is that it gives a background about the author’s life and what she went through from the time she was a young girl “A motherless child unquestioningly enduring an abusive father and stepmother, and then an uncaring husband fourteen years older than her”(Sheelay,R.).The foreword also reveals the endurance Baby Halder has, living with an abusive husband and getting inadequate financial support to run her household from her husband who clearly had enough money to support Baby and her children but just refused to give Baby any money. The same husband who showed indifference when it came to Baby’s health and wellbeing.
The foreword also reveals Baby’s courageous step to leave behind all that she knew to be her abusive home and to start all over in pursuit for a better life with her children and herself, unlike her mother who did not have the courage to take her children with
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The realization of self-worth when her employer encouraged her to write her life story “write down your life story, he told her, write down her life”(Sheelay,R.), this was a crucial moment in Baby’s life because it was the moment when Baby found her voice, an outlet of the hardships she had to go through in her life. An outlet for her emotions and she found a voice for all the women in India who could not voice out what they were going through and those women who were not privileged enough to be given the opportunity to express their
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