A Life Lesson Through The Short Story The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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A Life Lesson Through the Short Story The Necklace The Necklace, written by Guy de Maupassant is a tale about a woman named Mathilde Loisel who lives a poor life, but constantly fantasizes what it would be like to be wealthy. The story starts out by stating, although she was born into a pitiful life, she was still “pretty and charming”(Page 1), but these great traits don’t seem to matter, as she is still very unhappy. This disparaging attitude about how unlucky Mathilde’s life is, leads her to learn one of life’s most important lessons and personality traits. Honesty. The author of the story even goes so far as to say Mathilde is “tormented” (1). due to the fact that she has “dirty walls, worn-out chairs and ugly curtains”. (1). Mathilde feels entitled to so much more. This entitlement and ungratefulness, is the first place where Mathilde should have known honesty. If Mathilde were honest with herself about what she did have, and not tried to live beyond her means, the rest of the story may not have happened. This attitude creates the snowball effect that eventually makes Mathilde's life far worse. To It’s a shame that Mathilde could not have learned from her husband, who seems seemed to have an understanding that material things are not the most important thing in life. This His wisdom is shown first first shown when her husband he sits down to dinner and is excited over the beef stew that Mathilde had cooked him. All the while Mathilde continued to dream of dinners
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