A Life Long Nightmare And Its Effects On Aboriginal Culture

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A life long nightmare was about to be placed upon the Aboriginal people. There were historical processes that occurred in the late 1700s that impacted on Indigenous cultures throughout Australia. The Europeans started out on the East Coast (Botany Bay) and then filtered through the country as they explored the mountain rages and desert. The policies and practises that were implemented by the Europeans were considered a failure as they destroyed thousands of years of historical Aboriginal culture. Here we will look at some of the consequences of this destruction for example health and education. The quote “a history of failings” is a term used to describe the damage the Europeans have caused. The hundred years war is the story of Wiradjuri resistance against sustained assault. The devastating pressure of colonialism broke many individuals but failed ultimately to break the spirit of the people (Peter Read). The past history has demonstrated the faults in terms of the historical processes that have impacted on Aboriginal culture, causing resentment and an unresolved frustration that is still felt today in our modern society. This essay explores events such the Invasion, Colonial frontier, Protection, segregation, assimilation and the Stolen Generations and traces the impacts of each in regards to the policies and practises the contemporary realities of Indigenous people in Australia with regard to health and education. In 1788 the British had invaded Australia and was
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