A Life Of A Healthy Life

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"A normal life,” one may say, “A grateful life,” is what I’d say. As a young woman going forth in my senior year, preparing to be a freshman again I can honestly say I’ve gotten through heartache and pain. It’s easy for someone to say that they’ve dealt with a lot, but to hear that you’ve been in a situation and gotten out means so much more. Growing up I didn’t get to live the “perfect life” with the privilege of always having both parents in the same household, better yet having both parents involved in my life. My siblings lived with me, but what good is that when they lived a lifestyle I couldn’t even imagine myself partaking in. Between the fighting, deaths, drugs, gang violence and uneducated mindsets, I couldn’t adapt myself to that environment. As years went on I was always known as the outsider out of the seven of us there were. I did well in school, went to church, worked starting at the age of about 14 and I never got into any trouble. I got high honors, recognition from many people in the community and I always kept myself busy. The recognition from everyone in the community definitely made up for the recognition I didn’t receive at home. Comparing to people in my family, I was one of the first to actually get high honor roll all the way from grade school to my senior year. I was also the only one that wanted to go to college and completed all of my applications by myself, under the decision of early action. This on its own was hard work but all worth it in the

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