A Life Of Tranquility : The One For Me?

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A life of Tranquility: The One for Me?
I. Introduction
In opposition to hedonism, some philosophers have argued that the most pleasant life is a life of tranquility. Whereas hedonism is highlighted by being pleasure driven; the tranquil lifestyle is driven by maintaining a static pleasure. With this in mind it becomes clear that one way to evaluate how philosophers argued if a tranquil life was the most pleasant life would be to compare the two. Three aspects that can be evaluated are the fact that a life of tranquility is one of a life of prudence, it is simple lifestyle, and it is forward looking all of which I hope to explain in more detail throughout this paper.
II. A life of Prudence
My first attempt to understanding, how a life of tranquility may be the most pleasant life is to understand the concepts behind a life of tranquility along with understanding a hedonic lifestyle. In doing this I hope to lay the groundwork to further explore how these two interact with each other.
According to Epicurus, a life of tranquility is one where a person (for the sake of the paper we will follow the character Christian) achieves happiness by maintaining static pleasures. The point of maintaining static pleasures serves a two-fold purpose. The first is that if Christian were to seek non-necessary pleasures (desiring a bigger car/bigger house), he would begin to desire them and work for them more. Eventually however, this would lead to pain (his car breaks or there a newer model he

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