A Life Worth Remembering

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A Life Worth Remembering Significance can be defined as being worthy of attention, and in a world filled to the brim with more than seven billion people, it can be difficult to decipher who is actually worthy. There are many different qualities and aspects to look at, and there may be a lot of controversy surrounding the topic, depending upon who is determining the significance; there is no questioning the fact that individuals come with varying opinions and in response to this, it can be very challenging in choosing who is worthy of attention. In addition, it also raises the question of what the qualities are that signify importance to the world. In today’s world, these qualities are very mixed and significance comes in many differing categories. A specific category that comes into play is centered around individuals who have made a difference in the world of music. Music carries a lot of weight due to the gift it gives to the world; especially today, many people use music as an outlet, as something that keeps them going, as something to make everything wrong, right again. There are many different genres and with each genre comes specific names that hold significance. An exceptional example of this would be a woman who made a name for herself in jazz music, a woman by the name of Ella Fitzgerald. Ella Fitzgerald was born on April 25th in 1917 in the state of Virginia. Shortly after her birth, her father passed away and with her mother, she moved to New York. It was
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