A Lifestyle : The Pros And Cons Essay

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A CrossFit Lifestyle: The pros and cons Founded by Greg Glassman in 2000, former gymnast and fitness coach, CrossFit now sweeps across the nation. The CrossFit workouts consist of functional movements that are performed at a high intensity. These movements are the best reflections of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing etc. (what is CrossFit, 2016). CrossFit now has become a diet and exercise program, which incorporates trainers, practitioners, and the gym franchise. To better understand CrossFit as a social phenomenon, I first look into the history of the sport. I considered how high intensity fitness and diet created the pathway for CrossFit. I then reveal the pros and cons behind participating in CrossFit as well as the culture surrounding it. The History behind CrossFit CrossFit challenges people to move away from the conventional ideas of health and fitness in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Today most people turn to weight loss pills and other quick fix items to lose weight and burn off fat, instead of taking control over their bodies and not eating bad foods and exercising more frequently. However, taking the steps to exercise and avoid unhealthy food is now seen as an unconventional idea in today’s society. A large part of CrossFit involves the diet the athlete incorporates into their daily life (Glassman, pg. 21). The Paleolithic style of diet used in CrossFit consists of fresh meats, fruits, seeds, nuts, and vegetables. The diet is known as the

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