A Light Hearted Look Back At Slot Game Scams Of The Past

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Blog 31 – A light-hearted look back at slot game scams of the past When you visit an online casino portal forum, scams and cons are often a hot topic of discussion. The approach that many online casino games take is ruthless and often more damaging than most can even fathom. However, it wasn’t always the case of criminals taking on players, it was once a case that criminals would target the casinos themselves. In many “Robin Hood” like acts some smart thinking criminals would try and rob casino slot games through various old fashioned methods. Illegal yet still carrying a sense of resourceful charm, the following looks back at several scams of slot games’ past. The Yo-Yo If you were to journey back in time, you will likely find that the…show more content…
But cheaters aren’t often deterred, so they developed a new scam to beat it. They started to shave coins to mess with the system in place, as when a shaved coin was entered it would register with the system before dropping into the refund tray. Much like the yo-yo scam it would allow players to play for free over and over again. The Fake Coin As time progressed and slot machines became more and more sophisticated, so did the scams associated with them. Arguably the most famous scam of all is the fake coin, devised by Louis "The Coin" Colavecchio, a player would create a fully fake coin that a slot machine would recognise as legitimate. This scam achieved such infamy that several documentary films have been made about its uses and origins. The Piano Wire It was a popular tool amongst mobsters in the 1960s, but it seems that slot game players also found plenty of use for it as well. During the 1980s a group of men would use piano wire on a slot machine. By sliding the 20-inch wire into the machines wiring they were able to rig the machine and trigger its jackpot, banking $50,000. However, their victory was short lived, as they would be caught by the police shortly after. The Light Wand At first glance a light wand looks like a fairly innocuous device, but to those who like to rig slot games it is anything but. In the hands of the wrong people it is a powerful tool that allows for slot machine mechanism manipulation. When
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