A Light Lunch? a Case in Calorie Counting

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N TIO AL EN E FO CASE TUD EACHIN N IENCE NATIONAL CENTER FOR CASE STUDY TEACHING IN SCIENCE HIN A Light Lunch? A Case in Calorie Counting by Brahmadeo Dewprashad Department of Science Borough of Manhattan Community College The City University of New York and Geraldine S. Vaz Ambulatory Care Department Jamaica Hospital, Queens, New York Before Class A. Read the following case study. B. Locate and read the following article: United States Department of Health and Human Services and United States Department of Agriculture. 2005. Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005. http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/Publications/DietaryGuidelines/2005/2005DGPolicyDocument.pdf C. Complete the Pre-Case Study assignment individually and submit two weeks prior to…show more content…
Elizabeth nodded in agreement and then shifted the conversation to news about mutual friends during the rest of the meal. All the talk about diet and calories was making her feel depressed. “That was good,” Charonda observed as they got up to leave. Elizabeth complained. “Yeah. You know, I wish I had as high a metabolic rate as you. Then I could enjoy food like you do. We eat about the same amount but I’m so much bigger than you. I always feel guilty after I’ve eaten something that I really love.” “A Light Lunch?” by Dewprashad and Vaz Page 2 NATIONAL CENTER FOR CASE STUDY TEACHING IN SCIENCE “Don’t worry so much. We walked for about thirty minutes in the mall. I am sure we burned up about half of the calories we just ate,” Charonda opined. “We walked more like forty minutes. I bet we burned up all the calories we ate. We should come to the mall and window shop more often. It is much more fun than working out in a gym,” said Elizabeth. Later that evening, Elizabeth was unpacking her shopping bag and decided to try on the jeans once again. She inhaled deeply and contracted her stomach as she cautiously put the jeans on. They still didn’t fit! She gave them an upwards tug and exhaled in relief as the jeans moved up to her waist. However, despite all her efforts, she could not button them. She wondered how much weight she had put on since she last weighed herself. She unearthed the bathroom scale, climbed on it,

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