A List Of Crimes Against Humanity

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Crimes against humanity means of any kind of act that is violent in nature and aimed at a specific area of the population. That is a list of crimes against humanity. This list of crimes against humanity does not take on every possible crime that can be so classified, whatever the particular acts in this list of crimes against humanity are some of the more common acts defined by the term.  Murder/Extermination (this is the action of killing a larger amount of people, while murder is often more individualized)  Enforced disappearance  Apartheid  Other inhumane acts of violence that are meant to intentionally cause mental or physical suffering or injury to the victims  Enslavement  Torture  Sexual violence, including forced…show more content…
On the other hand, it is not a war crime to attack enemy troops who are parachuting into one’s territory. Crimes against Humanity Examples in the Nuremberg Trials Perhaps some of the most popular examples of crimes against humanity are those that were investigated during the Nuremberg trials, which took position from 1945 to 1949. The very objective of these 13 trials was to try Nazi Party officials, and also the German doctors, and businessmen, lawyers who were linked with them, for the crimes they had done against humanity during WWII. The trials became historic for buildup precedent in how international courts should deal with facts like genocide and other examples of crimes against humanity. These crimes start shortly after Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany in 1933. With the Nazi government, Hitler made and carried out policies designed to persecute the Jews, and anyone else that he suppose to be a threat to his vision of a perfect Nazi state. Hitler’s policies continued to become more and more threat until World War II at last ended in 1945. By that point, it is estimated that the Nazis had, with the grant of their government, killed approximately six million Jews, and between four and six million non-Jews. The trials of the Major War Criminals, heard the cases of twenty-four individuals who were accused on charges of crimes against humanity. Also, six Nazi
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