A List Of Robert Peel 's Twelve Standards Of Policing Essay

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A list of Robert Peel’s twelve standards of policing proposed consists of the following elements listed below:
1. “All police officers should be detailed and proficient similar to others within the security industry.
2. Police officers should align themselves with their countries policies and procedures. These methods aid support in displaying their professionalism skills.
3. The police officer has to investigate criminal activities.
4. Social Media has a significant influence on crime.
5. Police officers have the power and authority associated with their title over the course of the years and experience while serving on the police force.
6. Qualities that are relevant to police consist of their take charge abilities, confidence, and tactics to carry them further within their career. These strategic efforts aid support to the police officers by suggesting a level of respect within the community.
7. Their presence within the community will demonstrate a level of respect from those that come into direct contact with these police officers. Their primary objective is to uphold the citizens to the laws.
8. The core of a police officer is their ability to train in their line of work while having a knack for channeling others in the public sector with security support.
9. Each police officers has an assigned a bag number to identify their work ethics.
10. All stakeholders within the community should become familiar with the location of the police prescient in the event an

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