A List Of The Au Projects And Policies

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2:1 Introduction:
This chapter provides a list of the AU projects and policies which are linked to the restructuring of Africa’s economy. The African Union has adopted the NEPAD policy framework as the official African Union method for economic intervention in Africa. NEPAD is the fusion of two plans the Millennium Africa Recovery Plan (MAP) and the Omega plan by former President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal. It was previously called the New Africa Initiative. The MAP originated from the G8 summit, Japan 2000.1 NEPAD’s key aims are to reduce poverty, and address developmental issues, Africa’s marginalization and women empowerment. Current economic projects of NEPAD for the continent include: The NEPAD Agriculture and Food Security Program, the Spanish fund for Women Empowerment, and the African Continental Free Trade Area and Boosting of Intra Africa Trade under the guardianship of the African Trade Policy Centre, UNECA.

2:2 NEPAD’s Agriculture and Food Security Program
The program aims to fast-track development by encouraging African countries to improve economic growth by means of agricultural development. Specifically, the NEPAD program aims to ensure that smallholder farmers who make up the majority of Africans get better access to markets, finance and technical support which will lead to improved income for the farmers and poverty alleviation.

The program is guided by the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Program (CAADP) framework. The overall goal is the
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