A List Of The Best Shopping Cart Software For E Commerce Websites

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There are various types of e-commerce software, hosted, licensed, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The size of the e-commerce business is the best indicator of which ecommerce software type is the best fit. ERP is intended for large businesses, licensed (hosted by your own business server) is geared toward medium sized ecommerce shops, and hosted (where the software is hosted by the developer), is recommended for very small or small businesses. I turned to Jasmine A.’s article “A list of the Best Shopping Cart Software for E-Commerce Websites” for details on each ecommerce software option. Based on Jasmine’s article I learned immediately that we could eliminate the hosted solution from the mix as Godiva.com is not a small shop, and hosted solutions do not integrate well with other software. Additionally, the Godiva site requires customization of the shopping cart’s source code, which is not possible with the hosted option, and lastly, Godiva has more than five product types sold on the site. In considering the licensed option, although you have control over the software and you are able to customize to a point, Rachel Andrew of Smashing Magazine.com reminds us that many open-source licensed options force you to use their templates, additionally, they may force you to turn-on JavaScript in order for the shopping cart to function properly. If you are able to update the script, when the licensed software is upgraded by the system, it may overwrite your changes.

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