A List of Differences Between the Pride and Prejudice Book and Movie

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There is a big difference between the book and the series or movie. We did a little research and came out with these differences. The story of the book takes place in 1813, the time when the book was first published. The time frame of the movie is the late 18th century. In the book Elizabeth, one of the Bennet sisters is a sweet, good mannered and intelligent girl with good humor. She and her sister, Jane, are very open and share every detail of their lives. In contrast to the film were Elizabeth is often rude and petulant. And where Jane and Elizabeth have a lot of secrets for each other. Originally Mrs. Bennet simply hears something from Mrs. Long about the arrival of Bingley. In the film Darcy and Bingley come to see Netherfield on horseback while they express their opinions about the region. Mrs. Bennet is in the movie very hard for her girls, she says in front of them that she wishes she had had sons. This is never mentioned in the book. Charlotte, a friend of Elizabeth, gives her friends information about the newcomers. In the book the entire neighborhood is aware of everything about Bingley but there was not written that everyone knew it from Charlotte. In the movie Darcy belittles Elizabeth during the ball, but she doesn’t care. She says to her mother and father that if he would ask her to dance later, she would say no on the spur of the moment. The story that Jane Austin wrote, only tells that Mrs. Bennet explains Darcy’s insult to Mr. Bennet but

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