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(A Literary Analysis on Alice Walker’s, The Color Purple) Alice Walker was a writer who influenced many people in her time, and continues to influence a copious amount of people still today considering she is still living! “Her writing explores multidimensional kinships among women and embraces the redemptive power of social and political revolution.” (Whitted) Her works range from short poems to long novels that have been read by thousands. In each, she presents several messages. In the novel, The Color Purple, Walker is able to portray three main messages.
The first message in Purple talks about the importance of family. As an adult, Celie’s family was separated from her, and she was the receiver of the aggressive touch of a man throughout her entire married life. Celie didn’t have a family for quite some time in the literal sense, however she found family with those around her. Those that she became friends with were the ones that became her home. They took care of her and made sure that she wouldn’t make decisions that she would regret for the rest of her life. When Celie was in a bad situation, Shug was able to get her out of it, and lead Celie to a place where she could be happy. In the end, Celie’s family is all reunited with her and everything turns out for the best! “Believe in good things to come.” (Holland) The main message, however, is that family may not be the people that are related to you through blood or marriage, but family just might be in the people that take care of you no matter what.
The second message in Walker’s story is about courage. While living in an abusive relationship, Celie depended on her courage to carry her through the trial that was living with her husband. Nothing the Celie did was ever enough for her husband, and he let her know that by hurting her in many different ways. While many did not perceive Celie as being courageous, others around her found her courage as inspiring. People sought to become like her. Celie is given the chance to truly show her courage, though, when her friend Shug gives her a way out, taking her to a new state. She is able to leave her abusive husband behind, and start a new life. She becomes successful and shows those around her

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