A Literary Analysis Of Beowulf

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Beowulf: A New Telling
Imagine if you will you are one of the king's bodyguard dining in a splendid hall decked with gold and ivory, you are sitting next to your mighty king who is the descent of a legendary man named Scyld Scefing, whose strength was unparalleled. After the feast you head off and fall asleep only to wake up to your comrades being slaughtered and eaten, you try to scream but a claw snags your throat and you die. This is the setting for Beowulf an epic novel written hundreds of years ago. I would recommend this book for older audiences as their is a considerable amount of violence, however it has a good message.
Beowulf begins with the tale of Scyld Scefing who is found on a boat, only a small child the Danes believe
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Beowulf returns to his home land known as Geatland and helps his kingdom through a series of wars. Finally, he becomes king. But soon the peace will be disrupted. A slave escapes his master after being threatened with a beating and hides in the mountains. He uncovers a hoard of gold filled with treasures from all the princes of Geatland with a small lizard nearby after taking a priceless gold cup the lizard turns into a menacing dragon, the Firedrake the Firedrake burns entire villages. As it sleeps Beowulf now old and tired slays it by pouring bees into its stomach. Then Beowulf dies and the Firedrake had snagged his throat with a claw. Beowulf is not a typical hero he understands his shortcomings and strives to become better. He knows everything is a mix of good and evil nothing is completely good or bad. When beowulf is confronted by unferth who insists beowulf drowned his best friend Breca instead of losing his cool beowulf calmy proves unferth wrong and impresses the king and queen immensely. “Unferth was unpopular and they liked the way this mild tempered stranger had put him in his place.” Unferth was weak and drunken and had a foul temper while Beowulf on the other hand was calm, sober and
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