A Literary Analysis of "The Inheritance of Loss"

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The Inheritance of Loss Literary Analysis I. Character Cook: 1. His wife dies by slipping from a tree while gathering leaves for their goat. 2. Sacrifices a chicken in order to save Biju from being taken by his deceased mother. 3. Tries to send Biju abroad for the first time when a recruiting agent from a cruise ship line comes to Kalimpong. 4. Succeeds in sending Biju to the United States with a tourist visa. 5. Brags all over Kalimpong that Biju is successful in America, even though it isn’t true. 6. Starts sending Biju requests that he helps other immigrants get settled in the United States. 7. Biju calls Cook to make sure everything is OK. The call goes in and out and doesn’t last very long because of a faulty telephone wire which…show more content…
Sai starts out as a naïve girl who knows little about the world outside of Kalimpong in the beginning of the novel. At the end, however, she realizes how bad conditions are in Kalimpong and resolves to leave the first chance she gets. She changes during her tumultuous relationship with Gyan, in which she learns how to make decisions on her own and to stick up for herself. Biju: 1. Is swindled out of money and a job by the “recruiting agent” in Kathmandu. 2. Applies for a tourist visa to get to the United States and eventually gets there. 3. Finds his first job at Gray’s Papaya and is introduced to the American way of life. 4. Works at the Baby Bistro, fights with a Pakistani there, and realizes there is an American caste system, “Perfectly first-world on top, perfectly third-world 22 steps below” (23). 5. Works at the Queen of Tarts and befriends Saeed Saeed, a Zanzibarian, from whom he learns much from. 6. Starts working at Brigitte’s and defines his religious ideals and quits working at Brigitte’s because they serve beef. 7. Begins working at Gandhi Café because they do not serve beef, which coincides with Biju’s newly affirmed beliefs. 8. Learns of the trouble going on in Kalimpong and gets worried about his father’s safety. 9. Calls Cook, who can’t talk long because of a faulty telephone wire, which only increases Biju’s worry. This is where Biju realizes that family is more important than making
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