A Literary Criticism of "The Three Little Pigs" Through a Mythilogical Lense

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Every enduring object or idea lasts because ordinary people focused on their goal and ignored the temptation of taking the easy path that leads to failure. History illustrates that great feats require arduous labor and wise preparation. During World War II, the Allies attacked a less than fully prepared German defense in Normandy on D-Day, which became a foothold in Europe for the Allies. The Chinese spent over 1,700 years developing the 3,700 mile-long Great Wall that successfully protected their country from Mongol invaders. The key difference in the outcomes of these events lies in the determination and preparation of the opposing sides. In the end, the more prepared side exploited the shortcomings of its opposition. Many…show more content…
Welfare beneficiaries receive money given by the Americans who have built their foundations “on a rock”, the individuals who have lived responsibly and built up a firm foundation and sufficient protection against financial wolves that appear every day. In parallel, the third pig offered his home as a refuge for the foolish pigs because it is the purpose of the wise and fit to protect the weak until they become “fit” enough to survive and return the service to another. Humanity is destined to continue to grow because each generation will pass on the traits and qualities of its fittest members. Eventually, most people become the third pig by creating a brick house out of their failures. They may have once been the first little pig who focused solely on pleasure and paid the price, or the second little pig who thought he had learned everything but really needed another lesson in humility. People respond to the three pigs because either they have been in the pigs’ position, or they are ready to learn from the pigs’ experience. Everyone faces his own personal “wolf” that bares its teeth and threatens to blow away his foundation, but “The Three Little Pigs” offers hard work and determination as a solution to any problem that seems insurmountable. Proper preparation prevents poor performance regardless of the situation, and the three pigs show that sometimes, a poor performance might be the last one. Works Cited Darwin, Charles. The

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