A Literary Lens

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After reviewing the coding I completed for each book, I tallied up the results to see which lenses I most frequently and infrequently used. The results were that I analyzed the text through the literary lens in nineteen different books out of the twenty-five total (Petersen, 2016). In retrospect, I intermittently used the intertextual lens while reading. To be specific, I analyzed only five books out of the total twenty-five through this perspective (Petersen, 2016). The biggest change I noticed taking place in how I used my lenses was how the further we progressed through the semester the more in-depth and detailed my blog entries became. For example, after the first five books that I read, I began to notice in my coding of the artistic lens that my descriptions and analytical thinking of the illustrator’s depictions significantly increased. For example, in book number two, The Blacker the Berry, I stated, “Another great element of this book was the illustrations that helped to add joy and laughter to this great book.” (Petersen, 2016). This description is short, and doesn’t really exemplify what exactly the illustrator did to have myself react with joy and laughter. But, later in the seventh book, Persepolis, my description for the artistic lens was much for in depth and analytical. For example, I detailed, “Her [the author] use of the black, empty space to underline the sadness and worry that Persepolis felt when she discovered Mohsen was murdered was perfectly expressed
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