A Literary Piece Of The Bible

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As a literary piece, the Bible contains a range of limitations such as the absence of details, lack of character development, and extensive dialogue. Therefore, re-enacting biblical accounts on stage provides medieval playwrights with the opportunity to extend their creativity and include details which would have typically derived from popular folklore and tradition. This contributes to the performative element of the pageants through altering the biblical content to produce a dramatic narrative. It is important to take this into consideration when comparing the differences and similarities in approach between the vernacular Mystery Plays and Genesis, as the differences outweigh the latter. The main point of contention between Genesis and the York play is the stylistic approach. Genesis as a piece of literature is concise, unified, didactic, and stands as the Christian representative of the singular truth. On the other end of the literary spectrum, the York pageant– performed to combine both religious and entertainment purposes - contains a stronger element of interiority, multiplicity, and disunity, due to its complex nature. The York play offers a more empathetic, interior, characterisation of Adam and Eve as not entirely perfected religious figures, but instead as relatable characters full of emotions and weaknesses, presented in a more intimate account. Arguably, due to this performative element, the dynamics of the York play are unconventional in comparison to its…
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