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FRAUDULENT JIU JITSU A Literature Review Introduction Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a system of martial arts which has been tried and tested against other martial arts and street attacks for one hundred years, and has established a reputation for being as good of a hand to hand self-defense system as there is in the world. Recently, with jiu jitsu’s popularity growing, the system has begun to fall prey to imitators and fabricators attempting to cash in on the unsuspecting public. This literature review looks at three sources which offer insight to the question at hand; What actions can be taken to eliminate fraudulent instructors in the jiu jitsu community? Personal interviews with Black Belt and world renown instructor Stuart Ramos, as well…show more content…
Stuart has been involved in jiu jitsu for twenty years and in his travels from Hawaii, to Las Vegas, and now Maryland, he has seen this issue arise before and grow recently. One quote which stuck out regarding the troubles in stopping the growing issue was “Yeah, it sucks. I’d love to be able to round people up, storm every dojo, beat them all up and kick them out for good. We can’t do that though. As appealing as it is, many of us have families, and if we do that in the states we’ll be the ones who go to jail, not the frauds.” Mr. Ramos is alluding to the cultural differences between the continental United States and Brazil, and even his home state of Hawaii, where he states the point “If someone is defrauding families there and is just flat out lying about who they are, you beat their ass and nobody is going to say a negative word about it. In fact, most will applaud you.” Here, there is much more disdain toward violence even if it serves a long-term purpose which could help the community and only hurt the offender. While Mr. Ramos’ tone was relaxed while speaking, passion was also evident as it was obvious he wished there were more ways to stop offenders than are currently available and he settled into a direct affirmation that, as of now, the best way to achieve the goal is to publicly out anybody lying about who they are and legitimate instructors focusing on being as great as

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