A Little Background Information About The Saw Movies

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A little background information about the Saw movies is the first Saw movie was released October 29 2004, along with the newly created series, the second Saw movie was released October 28 2005, almost a year after the first movie of the series was released. The Saw movies are an established movie franchise. These movies are very dark as well as gory, which appeal to those who are fond of graphic horror. The first Saw movies was directed and written by James Wan, the second Saw movie was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. When watching the two Saw movies, the audience can spot the differences between them. Each movie has a few similar characters. The main characters in Saw I as well as Saw II are as follows: Tobin Bell, as John Kramer/Jigsaw, Dina Meyer, Detective Allison Kerry, and Shawnee Smith, Amanda Young. These characters were constant between the first two Saw movies. The Saw series is known as movies that over uses gore for some parts of the movie; nonetheless, the use of the gore causes the movie to be more intense for the audience watching.
In the first Saw movie, the movie starts, the audience is looking at a dark screen. They notice a man under water,opening his eyes and rises from the water and screams. The audience then finds out that there is another man in the room, but they do not know who either of these men are. As the movie goes on, the audience acquires some background information about both men. They learn the man in the tub is Adam, he is a…
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