A Little Big Research of Sun Tanning

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We consume certain products and follow routines which might seem very weird to someone who has not lived their life on Earth among other human beings. Little big history is a research tool in the field of big history that allows for an in-depth analysis of a specific object or phenomenon – something a creature from outer space would very much appreciate if they had no knowledge on a topic, but also something a regular person could find very interesting. Big history itself looks at the entire universe from the Big Bang; it incorporates sciences and different perspectives on the global picture of our world. Little big history, on the contrary, focuses on one single thing and examines it as far as possible back into the history, taking into account physics and culture, history and traditions, psychology and other sciences.
It is a sunny day in Bremen, and all students are rushing outside to put their blankets on the grass and to lie in the sun. Why do we do this? Why do we lie down and expose our bodies to the sun, often expecting our skin to get darker? This weird habit the humanity has is called “tanning”. It has not always been popular and desired, yet it has had its place in the global culture for a long time. In this paper, I would like to examine the roots and the…

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