A Little Dose Will Do You

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A Little Dose Will do You Nitrogen-infused Beer Gaining Traction with Craft Brewers Prior to the boom of the craft beer industry, if you wanted to imbibe in a nitrogen-infused beer, the choices were extremely limited. The most popular choice was that “black stuff” originating from St. James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Now the beer aficionado has a wide variety of options when it comes to “nitro” brews, which recently began gaining traction in the ever-growing American craft-brew industry. Nitro-brew the latest trend in craft brewing Since 2011, the craft brewing business has exploded from 1,776 breweries to 3,739 and pumped more than $55 billion into the U.S. economy according to the Brewers Association. While the majority of micro brews create traditional American Lagers and IPAs, which are infused with carbon dioxide, some progressive, innovative brewers are taking a page from famed Irishman Arthur Guinness’ recipe book and using nitrogen to create a frothy brew. Gas is the lifeblood when it comes to dispensing beer through a fraught system. Generally lagers and IPAs have a 70 percent CO₂ and 30 percent nitrogen blend, giving beer its effervescence. Conversely, nitrogen-infused beers, or “nitros” have a 70 percent nitrogen rate and 30 percent CO₂ blend. It is this nitrogen infusion which gives stouts a creamy texture and the cascading effect when the beer is poured from a tap or a bottle. Chemistry of beer CO₂ is a natural gas in beer. It is created during the

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