A Little Exercise For Young Theologians

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Introduction The small book A little exercise for young theologians is an opening lecture to students of theology given by theologian Helmut Thielicke. This book is especially important for students who are beginning their training in theology, but it also is crucial for those who are seasoned students of theology as it is a good reminder of what students need to know when studying the nature and character of God. Thielicke is brief in the lecture, but he is profound in what he says. It is an important lecture for any student of theology. This review will summarize the lecture while making critiques and provide a conclusion.
The lecture given by Thielicke is for the purpose and intention to speak clearly and forcefully concerning the matter of theology (vii). The discourse is given for beginning seminary students with the hope that it will be read over and over again. It is a lesson to teach students theological self-discipline (xi). Thielicke argues that each minister must be disciplined when proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ (xii). The lecture is broken down into thirteen small chapters of about 4-5 pages. Each chapter has one main point that Thielicke is presenting to his students. Thielicke first gives a warning to his students that they are in great danger because of the responsibility that they will have as ministers of Jesus Christ (1-2). Thielicke then presents in the following chapters warnings and encouragement to his students regarding the study
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