A Little Girl By Maria Shriver

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Imagine everyone on earth looking/ acting the same way. Sure, society likes to think that 's the way we all should be, but that is surely not the case. Divergence is something that is made out to be something alarming, but it really is the essence of an interesting community. Everyone is born with something they cannot change, whether it be a disease or defect it 's what makes us who we are. Maria shriver a little girl on account of numerous health complexities, including an intellectual disability and a heart condition. After Maria’s birth, doctors told her mother to leave her daughter at the hospital to die because she would never walk or live a healthy life. This is a clear example of not wanting to save the girl because of a deeper…show more content…
He will never learn from mistakes so, this will continually get him in trouble. Although Steinbeck never directly said anything about Lennie, his simple-mindedness is basically clear as day to figure out. "Whatever we ain 't got, that 's what you want. God a 'mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy. I could go get a job an ' work, an no trouble" (Chapter 1,Pg. 11), he always complained/ acted like a child and it seemed as if George was like a father figure. Lennie has the mind of a young toddler and the body of a strong man and of course his mind takes over everything. This makes him unable to change work out for him personally. For example, no matter how hard he tries something always is injured or dead if he puts his hands on it. He’s ‘accidently’ killed mice, bunnies and even Curley’s wife (by stroking her hair too hard). "There ain 't no more harm in him than a kid neither, except he 's so strong" (George, Chapter 3, pg. 44). He can’t change his strong hands for the life of him so personally, he will never be able to fulfill his dream of owning a farm with George. This character lead to Steinbeck’s comment upon American society throughout the 1930’s and today. “...society is intolerant to differences”. Along the reasons above; this clearly states society isn 't going to be willing to change to allow people like Lennie to change it. People in society today are scared of new challenges and stays inclusive to bearable
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