A Little Girl - Original Writing

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Picture this, its 2001 and a little girl just turned six years old. Her mama worked mid-nights at the plant and her dad drove semi-trucks causing him to be gone for weeks at a time. That forced her to have to stay at the house of another family member. Just a little girl so innocent and oblivious to the cruel world. Six years old and her innocence was taken from her by a different family member. Not even her papa or her grandma could imagine what went on in that house once the lights went out for the night. She would cry and scream for her mama every time she got dropped off to stay there for the night. No one knew why, they just all thought she was being a cry baby, a mama’s girl. That wasn’t the case but she wouldn’t dare tell anyone that she was afraid of that man. Now flash forward a few years to when she was in middle school. Still dealing with the same abuse day in and day out. Her papa took her to church every Sunday but she didn’t believe in God. If there was a God why would he let her endure years of pain and suffering she thought. Why would he leave her there in that house every night and not save her from the hurt, to her this meant there wasn’t a God. It wasn’t until she was in her teens that she was finally able to tell her dad what happened to her for all those years. That following Sunday her papa took her to church again, as always and she had to find it in her heart to forgive all the suffering she had been put through. Even after the forgiveness the…
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