A Living Horror Story Of The Holocaust

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It was 1942 in Frankfurt, Germany and you could almost make out the smell of the cold winter air. World War II was uprising and the Nazis were scattered all over Germany, they were taking hundreds of thousands of Jews each day. They were being taken to camps that no one ever returned from. The only people who did end up surviving, were those who escaped, and the stories that were being told by the escapers were a living horror story. In a small house, which was a faded blue color with missing roof pieces and slightly cracked windows, was a Jewish family of six with only two bedrooms to share and a living room that could barely fit three people. The parents, Claudia and Bruno, had both lost their job. They barely had enough food for two meals…show more content…
The children had no parents to make them meals or to wash their clothes. They had to survive on their own with little money they found around the little faded blue house. After two weeks without their parents Karla began to worry about them getting caught by the Nazi and taken away to the prison camps. The kids were almost out of food from around the house and there was no way they could leave and not get caught. Karla found a hiding spot in the basement of the faded blue house where they would go if there happens to be an emergency. It was a big spot under the wooden floor in the basement, they piled the rest of the food in there and added some blankets and pillows for sleeping because there was no way they were coming out of that anytime soon. Four weeks had gone by hiding in there and all that was left for food was one small potato. Lilo had started to become sick and grew very weak . That night Karla snuck out the house with the small amount of money she had to her possessions, she knew a small bakery around the corner that her parents old friends own. She sprinted to the brick bakery and snuck in, in the back…show more content…
It had probably been about an hour or so after they had woken up, they had nothing to look forward to like school, sports or even playing outside with their friends- they hadn't been outside since their parents left, except for Karla- all there was to look forward to was eating once a day. No one knew what day it was or what time it was but it was probably in late January, they had missed Hanukkah. It was then about 10:00 pm and all the kids were sleeping besides for Klara, she was looking around in the dark, small place in the basement, she was wondering if she and the kids would make it through World War II, if they did where they would go (because for all they knew Claudia could have been dead) and how would they live. A pounding sound on the floor above startled Karla and she lost her train of thought. Her heart pounded harder as the pounding got closer and closer to the basement, then her life started to fall apart after one single second. One of the officers lifted up the top of the emergency room door and there he was, a tall man with perfectly jelled brown hair and dirt ugly brown eyes that matched the ugly off green uniform they wore. Karla sat up and stared right up at him as if she had never seen anyone like that before, he stared right back at her. "Get up and get out of there this instant!" demanded the officer. Karla obeyed the
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