A Log Entry The Da Vinci Code

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60% Log Entry - The Da Vinci Code

● Describe the setting. Where does the book take place? When? What descriptions of places are given? What are the descriptions like: too many, too few, too long, too short? Why do you think the author has chosen these details? What does the author seem to find interesting? (Clothes, hair, smells, views…) Are the descriptions important for the setting? Do you like them? Quote a description that made an impression on you for some reason.
I have now read about 400 pages in the book and the storyline started in Paris. To be exact, the story started in the Louvre but then they went around all of Paris. Although after about 300 pages, the main characters Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu needed to leave Paris for
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Conflicts can be divided into different categories; Interpersonal, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Nature, Intrapersonal, Between characters and Character vs. Self. What conflict/s can be found in your novel? Are they interesting? Why/why not?
The conflict in “The Da Vinci Code” is a long-standing war between two groups that includes many people. The Priory of Sion and Opus Dei are in war over the Holy Grail. The war started thousands of years ago. Opus Dei could be described as the church mafia and they are determined to find the Holy Grail and destroy the Holy Grail to cover up their tracks. The Priory of Sion is in possession of the Holy Grail which gives them power over the church. This conflict expands and involves more people. Both Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu are not members of any of the group but they are still the core of the conflict.

More conflicts builds up during the book but every conflict is related to the main conflict. For example the police tries to make Robert Langdon incriminate himself, this is because they want to find the Holy Grail. Every conflict circles back to Opus Dei and the church trying to destroy the Priory of Sion. The conflict is interesting and includes much iconography, history and mathematical problems. Many famous people such as Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton are mentioned as former leaders of the Priory. The book is based on the conflict and therefore the conflict is central and important in the book. I have enjoyed reading about the conflict and I hope the conflict will be as interesting throughout the whole
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