A Logical Approach Necessary For Successful Critical Thinking

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A logical approach necessary to achieve successful critical thinking involves utilizing the eight elements of reasoning. These elements include the purpose, question at issue, information, conclusions, concepts, assumptions, implications and consequences, point of view, context, and alternatives that are possible when analyzing an issue. In the text ‘Learning to Think Things Through, Nosich discusses each of these elements in detail. He states “Each of the elements is essential, and each can furnish you with insight into the heart of the subject you are reasoning about” (Nosich 50). When I was younger, I took the wrong course of action; I failed to think critically because of my misuse and disregard of these elements. In hindsight, if I had utilized these elements correctly and thoroughly, the outcome could have had been more advantageous for everyone.
When I was younger, I was a very misguided child. At the age of 14, about once a month, I would steal jewelry from Sears. I was very tactical with my approach in the incidents prior therefore my crimes were never discovered, or so I thought. I almost got away with it today as well, but my mother decided to take a prolonged visit and talk with customer service. I was waiting for us to leave when a man with a really expensive ear piece, who looked he was from the FBI came outside and asked if I had taken some rings. Not wanting any trouble, I responded with yes and took them out of my bag and gave them to him. He took me to the
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