A Logical Argument For God 's Existence Or Nonexistence

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A logical argument for God’s existence or nonexistence is the cosmological argument. William Craig says in his book that there are three statements that give the cosmological argument form. Craig concluded that whatever begins to exist has a cause. The Universe began to exist therefore the Universe had a cause. What that cause was, is widely challenged. The argument against the existence of God includes the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Model is a broadly accepted theory for the beginning and evolution of our universe. According to NASA, it claims that twelve to fourteen billion years ago, the part of the universe that can be seen today was only a few millimeters across. It has since expanded from this hot dense state into the vast and much cooler cosmos that is inhabited. Remnants of this hot dense matter as the now very cold cosmic microwave background radiation can be seen which still pervades the universe and is visible to microwave detectors as a uniform glow across the entire sky. Those who say that God does not exist use this as their argument to explain how the universe was created. Those who support this theory say that the universe resulted from a big bang and everything that is in existence came from this phenomenon. In talking about the Big Bang Theory, Jeffrey Keen said, “In general, science accepts that both the structure of the universe and the laws of physics were created simultaneously at the beginning of the Big Bang, and have since remained constant

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