A Lone Wolf Vs The Pack

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A Lone Wolf vs the Pack It is common to see wolves work in pack in order to hunt down their prey, however the lone wolf who often works alone has become an icon to describe the tension between individuals that work together in organizations against those who work alone. In Wendell Berry’s essay, “God, Science and Imagination,” he discusses the differences between two dominant arguing groups, the fundamentalists of science and the fundamentalists of religion. Berry describes the intentions of each of these minds as one that, “needs to humiliate its opponents,” in order to establish credibility for their individual theories and ideas. The tension between the two groups can be similarly seen in Susan Blackmore’s essay, “Strange Creatures, “in which she comments on how human behavior is based on imitation. She backs her argument through the term meme coined by Richard Dawkins, a premiere British ethologist and evolutionary biologist, in which Blackmore uses the meaning of the word meme, as being an idea or phrase that can find success through being imitated and made the connection to other individuals to depict the notion of intelligence as merely a meme version of human behavior. A similar ambition travels over to James Fallows’ essay, “Win in China,” in which contestants, all of Chinese origin, participated in a game show. In the gameshow, the contestants were faced with the challenge of presenting their ideas to judges, all of which were icons in their respective business…

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