A Lone Wolf Vs The Pack

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A Lone Wolf vs the Pack It is common to see wolves work in pack in order to hunt down their prey, however the lone wolf who often works alone has become an icon to describe the tension between individuals that work together in organizations against those who work alone. In Wendell Berry’s essay, “God, Science and Imagination,” he discusses the differences between two dominant arguing groups, the fundamentalists of science and the fundamentalists of religion. Berry describes the intentions of each of these minds as one that, “needs to humiliate its opponents,” in order to establish credibility for their individual theories and ideas. The tension between the two groups can be similarly seen in Susan Blackmore’s essay, “Strange Creatures,…show more content…
Ms. Lifen had gone to the United States as an investigation by the CCTV Network in order to make more television shows for the Chinese public. Upon arriving in America, she began watching the show, The Apprentice, and contemplated a sinified version of the American television show, which would eventually be known as the show, Win in China. Fallows quickly fell in love with the show and became an avid watcher along with his wife. As a journalist he began to ask questions and in response to his question regarding, what Lifen wanted to accomplish with the show, she stated, “We want to teach values. Our dream for the show is to enlighten Chinese people and help them realize their own dreams.”(3) Lifen and her group took action and began to teach the Chinese people values by taking all of the contestants involved the show and teaching them some level of basic business knowledge. Through efforts made by her and her group she was able to accomplish her goal of teaching the Chinese people values. A similar approach can be seen in Wendell Berry’s essay, “God, Science and Imagination, where Berry takes an unbiased opinion of what his preference is in reference to the argument between the fundamentalists of science and the fundamentalist of religion. He claims the argument of which is correct answer to

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