A Long History Of Labor Disputes

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Introduction Since the inception of the NBA there has been a long history of labor disputes within the organization. Players have been fighting for fair pay, honest representation and benefits. This has led to modification of the collective agreement, which in turn, has led to strikes and lockouts. In recent years the NBA has faced challenges concerning lockouts because of the inability of the players union and the NBA to reach a collective agreement deal. In 2011 the NBA team owner’s lockedout out the players. This resulted in months of conflict and negotiations. The effects that these 2011 negotiations had on the collective agreement and what changes were made will be examined in the context of labour relations. Incident case overview In…show more content…
By mid August 2011 an agreement had still not been made and players began threating to go play overseas. The owners stated that they were wiling to negotiate but that players must come back to the bargaining table. Some discussion continued, but little progress was made. By September 2011, the fear that the 2011/2012 NBA season might be canceled had grown. The decision was made to postpone training camps and the pre season. A federal moderator was brought in to aid the discussions. After days of discussion a new collective agreement deal was finally reached. The 2011/2012 NBA season was set to begin December 8th 2011. The results of the collective bargaining were, the players took a total 300 million per year salary cut but in return they would receive 50% to 50% revenue split on all team income. They would also be implementing a contract limit, which would limit the amount of years a player could sign for. The new deal was for ten years with an opt out option at six years. Operating Environment All the major issues within this case fall under the context of labour relations. Eisbrenner (2016) states that this legislation is responsible for maintaining the relationship between the union, the employers and the employees. In this case the union is representative of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), the employers are the NBA team owners and the employees are the players. The type of Union
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