A Long History Of Sexuality Is Conditioned And Inhibited By A Complicated History

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“How we think about sexuality is conditioned and inhibited by a complicated history and, to make our problems worse, that history is in the power of those who have necessarily been antagonistic to women for a very long time. Males generally have been economically and socially superior to women since they became the primary producers and possessors of private property.” (Murphy Robinson, 1984: 251)

One of Western societies biggest social taboos is sex. Even more so, there is a long history of repressed female sexuality. The years of absent representation of overtly sexual women has affected how they think and feel about their own sexuality, and allows them to be treated as a minority despite the gender being half the population. The first Ann Summers retail store opened in 1970, and current CEO Jacqueline Gold introduced the Party Plan in 1981. Presently, Ann Summers does well to help empower women, and is ultimately positive in terms of female sexulity representation and discussion. When Jacqueline Gold was appointed CEO in 1993, she was a key figure in turning the company 's reputation around to focus on women and what they want. As constructive as this is, there are problems to the company’s marketing, specifically when looking at the Ann Summers Party Plan. Their approach can be considered heteronormative as a result of their phallocentric homosocial atmosphere.

When thinking about the social taboos around female sexuality, there are many reasons for people to believe

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