A Long Journey Home By Lucy Lipiner

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Can you predict if it was the last day of your childhood and freedom? Lucia and her family couldn 't. Lucy Lipiner’s haunting memoir “Long Journey Home” documents when Nazis invade their homeland and forced them to flee away and find shelter. With limited options on where to go, their family stays together throughout the strenuous journey to find safety throughout Europe to America. This memoir tells in detail the mental and physical struggle to get to safety and freedom. Even when tumultuous events occur, you still have a chance to become resilient no matter what circumstances. To illustrate this theme, Lucy Lipiner uses extensive imagery.

The Holocaust (Shoah) was the mass genocide of 6 million innocent Jewish people made by the Nazi Regime as the solution to all Germany 's problems. The Anti-Semitic Hitler believed that the Jewish religion was an inferior race and was a threat to the German racial purity and community. Lucia’s family was of Jewish religion including herself. If it wasn 't for her father 's knowledge of the Nazi regime plans and opinions, she and her family wouldn 't have had the chance to escape before the Nazis’ invaded their homeland. If they would have stayed home for a little while longer, they would have immediately been captured by soldiers awaiting the horrors ahead of them. “My father’s knowledge of Nazi Germany—and, in particular, of the Nazis’ hatred of the Jews
—is what ultimately saved our lives. Because he had sensed that the war was…

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