A Long Journey Home By Lucy Lipiner

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Can you predict if it was the last day of your childhood and freedom? Lucia and her family couldn 't. Lucy Lipiner’s haunting memoir “Long Journey Home” documents when Nazis invade their homeland and forced them to flee away and find shelter. With limited options on where to go, their family stays together throughout the strenuous journey to find safety throughout Europe to America. This memoir tells in detail the mental and physical struggle to get to safety and freedom. Even when tumultuous events occur, you still have a chance to become resilient no matter what circumstances. To illustrate this theme, Lucy Lipiner uses extensive imagery. The Holocaust (Shoah) was the mass genocide of 6 million innocent Jewish people made by the Nazi…show more content…
Lucia’s father sensing this war coming up, was a tremendous advantage for her family, especially the fact that he followed what his feelings were telling him and took his family out of their homeland Sucha, Poland to safety in another country. Her father Abraham, offered the whole family including aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents to come with him in the journey away from the Nazis’. Some cousins, aunts, and uncles came along with Lucia’s family but some stayed because they simply couldn 't see the danger coming ahead “..we made a stop in Bochnia, a city in the main road east, where my oldest uncle, my father 's brother Mehul, and his entire family lived. My father spent half the day begging them to depart with us. But my uncle and aunt could not see it. ‘We have children and grandchildren,’ they said. ‘We cannot leave.’” Page 24. They 're resilience to bounce back up after they desperately begged their extended family to come with them to safety, is declined, with the knowledge of Hitler potentially doing something that will affect them, worried Lucia’s family about their extended family but they had no choice but to keep on moving before the Nazis’ catch up to them. They traveled for days and weeks in a wagon with a horse and coachman, but the wagon couldn 't fit all fourteen people and their luggage, so they took turns sitting next to the coachman and walking along the side of the wagon.
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