A Long Line Of Independent Women

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I come from a long line of independent women. My grandmother, mother, and sister are all strong, self-striving, women who earned their independence through the challenges they were faced with. Perhaps our lives haven 't been the easiest, but I believe I found my strength through the women I was raised by. Being nurtured by three generations of women has given me the durability to endure most things that life has presented me with, such as the courage to endure tragedies, embrace the things we do have rather than the things that we don’t, and to always encourage myself to further my education, even when my confidence is lagging. My grandmother was a strong woman. Before I was born, she suffered the loss of two of her children in the same car accident. She had at that point, lost all faith. She lost her husband to a divorce, lost connection with my mother for years, and essentially lost who she was. She fought for her life, even when her life didn’t seem to be worth living. The loss of her children leads her to seek comfort in the local Nazarene church. She then, became a very religious person, but rarely allowed her beliefs to present who she was as a person. My grandmother taught me how to how to hold my head high, even when it doesn’t seem worth it. My single mother gave us everything she could. She worked 2-3 jobs up until I graduated high school. Growing up, I was so used to her being gone, that tucking ourselves into bed at night became accustomed to our lives. My

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