A Long Period Of Time

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The issues, related to tortures, have been a controversial topic for a long period of time. Torture is generally defined as “the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological pain and possibly injury to an organism, usually to one who is physically restrained or otherwise under the torturer 's control or custody and unable to defend against what is being done to him or her.” (Rejali 1994). The cases of torturing individuals are known from ancient times till nowadays in various countries and either officially or not officially conducted. Reasons for such activities are different, mostly they are punishment, political re-education or revenge, they could be personal or not personal, in some cases people experience satisfaction from watching or performing torturing to other individuals. In such situations individuals are forced from inside by psychological pressure and need serious professional help. The final intentions of the tortures are also different, either this could be to kill the victim or just to prolong the suffering until it turns out to be fatal. Sometimes tortures were parts of capital punishment. The type of torture chosen, as well as its length and methods, depends directly upon the final aim. Some countries acknowledged application of tortures legally, in other countries tortures were prohibited by domestic laws and they subdued to international prohibition laws. Starting from the 20th century tortures are generally considered to be serious…
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