A Long Standing Fascination With What Makes A Leader?

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There seems to be a long standing fascination with what makes a leader. Studies dating back to 1869 attempt to identify the characteristics these “extraordinary individuals” possess. (McCkleskey, 2014). However, what these studies have found over the years, is that there isn’t one set of common characteristics found when leaders are compared; there isn’t that one “thing” that stands apart. (Great Man article). One of the biggest questions still remaining from all those studies is, “what is leadership?” Rost (1995) states that while there are several problems in studying leadership, the first problem is there is no commonly accepted definition or everyone is expected to use their own. Rost goes on to state that 300 people reading the…show more content…
The leadership model used in a rapidly growing company, likely wouldn’t work as effectively in a company with stable grow. The leadership model needs to change with the situation. Changes in leadership in big public companies tend to make headlines. With lots of “what’s going on” questions in the media. Many times the new leader hired has a different leadership model than the past leader and Leadership versus Management Leadership and management are terms that are frequently used synonymously. While a good manager can be a leader, leadership and management are different. One of the earliest attempts at distinguishing the difference between leadership and management has been found in Phillip Selznick’s 1957 book Leadership in Administration (Joseph C Rost Leadership and Management p98 1998), in his book published in he wrote: “Leadership is not equivalent to office-holding or high prestige or authority or decision-making. It is not helpful to identify leadership with whatever is done by people in high places” (Rost, 1998 p98). Bennis (1992) clearly states what, he believes, distinguishes a leader from a manager, “Leaders conquer the context – the volatile, turbulent, ambiguous surroundings that sometimes seem to conspire against us and will surely suffocate us if we let them – while managers surrender to it. Bennis then lists twelve other differences:  Managers

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