A Long Term Care Facility

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“Previous studies showed a high incidence of recurrent falls in people with PD, ranging from 18% to 65% in a 1-year period” (Almeida et al., 2016, p. 1075). Falls are a risk for many people with Parkinson’s disease. People who have Parksinson’s disease and have issues with gait control have frequent falls. Nurses help care for individuals who have Parkinson’s when they enter the care facility. Exercising on a regular basis can help decrease the amount of falls with patients who have Parkinson’s disease. This paper will be located in a long term care facility and discuss how decreasing falls can improve quality of life in patients who have Parkinson’s disease. Long Term Care Facility This improvement project will be in the context of a long-term care facility. People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) usually go to long term care facilities when the disease is more advanced. When a person is at the stage of not being able to care for him or herself, it can be a hard to decide to go to a long-term care facility. When deciding to go to a long-term care facility, it is usually when all parties, such as the caregiver and the person with Parkinson’s agree it is not safe to be at home (Tolson, 2007). When there is good communication with everyone involved, it can improve the quality of life for the circumstance (Tolson, 2007). Communication can help ease the confusion by knowing what is going on at all times at the facility. The first couple of weeks the patient in the nursing home
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