A Long Term Care Home

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Lily lived in a long-term care home for almost two years. She and her husband Arthur have been married for 52 years and have had a very close relationship. They didn’t have any children. Lily’s husband would visit her in the care home twice a day. Over the course of a few months Lily’s condition began to deteriorate. She wouldn’t accept food and fluids and she died peacefully with her husband present. Arthur had a memorial service for Lily, but few friends came. Arthur had stopped visiting his friends when Lily was admitted to the nursing home because he became so busy with his twice daily visits. Arthur cried for three continuous days after Lily’s memorial service and when he talked about Lily, he would speak as if she was still alive. On most days he is cannot decide what to eat or what he is meant to be doing.
Two months after the death of Lily, his appetite has still not improved and he has lost some weight. Once a week he visits the nursing home where Lily had died and converses with the other residents and nursing care staff. Five days a week he goes to the cemetery to visit Lily’s grave. The neighbours are concerned about Arthur and when they offer to take him out to eat, he becomes angry, tearful and declines their invitation. He has difficulty sleeping at night and spends most of his nights wandering around the house.
Bereavement is the state of living with a loss. Bereavement can be defined as “the losing of someone to whom one has been…

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