A Long Term Care Resident

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As for Ms. Sanchez, since she is a long term care resident, assessments are not done as often as for skilled nursing patients that are also clients to Baptist. Her assessments are spread out further than those for the clients in the skilled nursing floor. While she did ask what these assessments were for, she was also glad the student did this. The client stated how sometimes people are too worried about the medical aspect and overlook the fact that there are other things they should look for. Aside from helping the facility by keeping it out of trouble with the state, it also helps Ms. Sanchez pay for her stay at the facility as she is on Medicaid and often times, scores on these assessments may help her qualify for the benefits. Having these assessments as a requirement and a policy enforced by the state of Texas is important, not only for Ms. Sanchez but all elders residing in BRC and other nursing home facilities. With these assessments, staff and caregivers are aware of any changes to a client’s health and allows the agency to create a plan specifically designed for the individual.
Diversity Issues When helping clients, it is important to be aware that diversity issues may be encountered everywhere. According to Barker (2003) diversity is defined as, “Variety, or the opposite of homogeneity…usually refers to the range of personnel who more accurately represent minority populations and people from varied backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and viewpoints,” (pg. 126).…

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