A Long Time Citizens

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For a long time citizens have always respected the soldiers who stand to protect the nation, but none care about how they do it or the psychological traumas they go through. After the Iraq War several disturbing photos were released to the public. People who were distraught like Susan Sontag spoke up and demanded an explanation for the events that took place in Abu Ghraib prison. Many have questioned why no punishment was given to the perpetrators, but were disappointed when no direct answer was given. Sontag tries to make a connection between the photos the military and their leaders, and what they portray about the American society in her piece Regarding The Torture Of Others. She displays acts of the military and their leaders showing justification in their act of torture to enemies outside the United States. The act of generalizing a nation by an event in its history is not effective and weakens her argument. This even has shaken the nation’s image to the world, creating a different interpretation about America and its citizens, which might not be accurate. The photographs of the events that occurred in Abu Ghraib prison shows torture and abuse done to the prisoners by American soldiers. The photos taken show how the military took pride in abusing and torturing victims. The act of torturing prisoners gave the military a sense of achievement a memorable event that needed to be recorded. Susan Sontag observed that, “the perpetrators posing, gloating, over their helpless
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