A Long Walk To Water Character Analysis

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Anisha Shaikh 12/19/17
Class - 721 E L A Final Draft

End of Unit 2 Assesment
What factors made survival possible for Salva in “A Long Walk to Water”

Salva the main character of “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park was an 11-year old boy when his village was attacked. His teacher urged him to run away from the village and to run to the “bush.” After that attack, his life made a turn for the worse. With no family around him, he was completely lost. During his journey, he had some problems, but overcame
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Therefore the first survival factor for Salva was the thoughts of seeing his family again. The second survival factor that made survival possible for Salva was Uncle Jewiir’s advice. Not only was his advice a survival factor, but he himself was a survival factor. While Salva was crossing the desert in chapter 7 he found himself losing hope. But Uncle Jewiir didn’t let that happen. He made sure to stay by Salva’s side when he needed somebody for comfort and he gave advice. According to chapter 7 (page 41), it states that “If it hadn’t been Uncle, Salva might have gone crazy with fear. Uncle spoke to him all morning in a steady, low voice.” This shows us that Salva was afraid of the lions and he needed someone to comfort him. This also shows that without Uncle Jewiir Salva would probably be long gone. It also says in chapter 9 (page 53) that “As if by magic, Uncle was suddenly at his side. “Salva Mawien Dut Ariik!” he said, using Salva’s full name, loud and clear. Salva lifted his head, the sobs interrupted by surprise. “Do you see that group of bushes?” Uncle said, pointing. You need to only walk as far as those bushes. Can you do that, Salva Mawien Dut Ariik?” This shows us that Uncle Jewiir’s advice helped him a lot and what Uncle was trying to imply to Salva was to take a step at a time instead of taking it all in one time. Not only did Uncle Jewiir’s advice help now, but years later too. He was
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