A Long Walk to Water

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A Long Walk to Water Packet Chapter One: 1.The main character in the first storyline is Nya. 2. Nya is eleven years old. 3.The main character in the second storyline is Salva. 4. Salva is at school when the story begins. 5. Salva is tibe is called Dinka. 6. Salva is eleven years old. 7. Salva realizes he lucky because he has a lot of of cows, which means his family is well off. 8. Salva family is considered rich for having a lot of cows. He has two sisters who keep care of the house with his mom. He has two brothers, one who is older and one who is younger. His dad is a judge. 9. Salva is looking forward for a glass of milk when he gets home. 10. What interrupts Salva normal day is gunshots near the school. 11. Sala and his other…show more content…
Nyas family did not line by the lake all year-round because of the fighting. 3. Nya fetches water at the lake by digging a hole in the damp clay leaked untilll seeped through at the bottom of the hole. 4. When the group tried get honey from the beehive, a lot of them got stung. 5. One man cannot enjoy the project because he got stung on the touge. 6. Salva steps on Marial hand and thats how they meet. 7. The way the group is heading is east. 8. The Dinka called the Atuot “ the people of the lion” because legend says when they die, then turn into lion’s. Extension/ Discussion Question: 1. Salva journey will be different in a positive way now that he has a friend. At first Salva was all alone and now since he found someone that relates to him, it will make the journey more uplifting. Chapter Six: 1. Nya likes the camp by the lake because she doesn’t have to take long trips to get water and it was dry season where she normally lives. 2. Nya mother is afraid that her brother and her father will get hurt by someone from the Dinka tribe while hunting. 3. Salvas Uncle calls his name. 4. Salvas Uncle had been walking with the group for three days before they saw each other. 5. Uncle makes himself useful to the group because he has a riffle. 6. Since Salva ate too much and he was near starvation, he became sick. 7. UNcle tells Salva that he is sorry because Marial is dead. Extension/ Discussion Question: 1. When Salva is woken

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