A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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In the memoir A Long Way Gone, author Ishmael Beah describes his survival journey as a lost child in his country, because of the civil war in Sierra Leone, then becoming a child soldier facing war daily, afterward the process that Beah went through during rehabilitation and finally in fear escaping the civil war. Ishmael Beah emotional journey has three stages of development in which Beah utilized music. In the first stage, Beah uses music as a survival mechanism to keep sane and safe. In the second stage, begins when he loses his brother and friends, Beah reaches the lowest point with the loss of his entire family again, some friends, music, and being forced to join the war. In the final stage, is the process of rehabilitation where Beah connects with music once again. Ishmael Beah exposure to music at a young age stayed with him throughout his life. (Beah, 2007, p. 5-218) For the first time the love for music in some formed shields the boys. Beah and his friends left their village, Mogbwemo, to travel to one of the neighboring villages, Mattru Jong, to participate in their talent show. The next day after arriving in Mattru Jong, Beah and his friends heard the news that the rebels attacked Mogbwemo. If Beah and his friends hadn 't left for the talent show, they would have been there when the rebels arrived, and most likely would have been captured or killed, with little chance of escaping. Music had protected the boys and helped them survive. The dark thoughts that came…

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