A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah And The Movie Blood Diamond

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Imagine if you had a younger sibling or relatives between the ages nine through eighteen. What if they were forced to be sent to fight in the war at such a young age. But in Sierra Leone, that is not the case. Many children within that area were taken from their own homes and were threatened to become adult soldiers. As for the book, "A Long Way Gone” wrote by Ishmael Beah and the movie "Blood Diamond", shows a briefly description of how young innocent children were obligated to be committed to be a soldier. Most of the children were restrained from leaving the different rankings that they were sent to.
Ishmael Beah, is a veteran who wrote the novel "A Long Way Gone", that shares his horrific memoir experience in A Long Way Gone. In Beah 's younger years he was a happy child who loved listening to the genre rap along with listening to rap he enjoyed breakdancing on his free time. Ishmael life was different compared to other children 's lifestyle. At the age of twelve, he was one of the children who was taken away by Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and forced to become a child soldier. The 2006 film Blood Diamond demonstrated the manner in which the kids were taken from their homes and forced to become soldiers. The rebels tried taking the kids that looked like they would be able to survive the war and kept those to continue fighting. In one scene, the rebels blindfolded one of the chosen kids, gave him a gun, and told him to shot. Frightened the little boy shot the gun,…

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