A Long Way Gone : Memoirs Of A Boy Solider

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A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of A Boy Solider is a biography of a young man, Ishmael Beah, during his years of growing up as a child of war in Sierra Leone, Africa. The story begins in January of 1993 in his hometown village Mogbwemo. Beah who is twelve at the time is a part of hip-hop dance and music group with his brother Junior, and friend Talloi. The boys leave their village one day to the neighboring city to perform in their friend’s talent show. While the rap group is away, rebels attack their village resulting in the boys’ early return to search for their families. Upon returning to the village, the boys are welcomed by a deserted village suffering from the horrors of war, which becomes their new reality. Two of the major themes reoccurring throughout this book are the battle with maintaining innocence and companionship.
The battle with maintaining innocence is a focal theme introduced in Beah’s memoirs by using flashbacks, symbolism, and natural motifs. The first period of Beah’s memoir explores how he fought to stay alive before becoming a child soldier. His rap cassette symbolizes his innocence to a group of voluntary village guards, who question he and his friend’s status in the war, as they attempt to bypass the village. The rap cassette with the help of a Mattru Jong regular talent show attendee’s voucher is able to convince the group of guards to release the boys (Beah, 2007, P38). Jumping to the final period of his memoir, the tape and his deep affection for…
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