A Long Way Gone

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A Long Way Gone Ishmael Beah was an innocent boy who enjoyed playing football, swimming in the streams, and even started a rap and dance group with his friends and older brother. The group discovered their love for rap music from old cassette tapes of O.P.P, Run D.M.C, and the Sugarhill Gang. Ishmael and Junior, along with their other friends cherished these few hip hop and rap cassette tapes. Ishmael constantly carried these couple tapes on him at all times. They choreographed dance routines and memorized all of the lyrics. The boys also entered a talent show in a close town. Ishmael, Junior, Talloi, and Mohamed have been singing and dancing to rap music since they first formed the group when Ishmael was only eight years old. They…show more content…
My friends and I even had battles against my older brother and his group of friends who literally thought they were the real members of the boy band, N’Sync. This goes to show exactly how young and innocent Ishmael and his friends really were. Throughout the book, A Long Way Gone, rap music plays an extremely important role in saving Ishmael’s life. While the boys are traveling one day, a group of large, muscular men jump out from the bushes, holding up their machetes and hunting rifles. These men are the voluntary guards of the village and were ordered by their chief to bring Ishmael and his friends back to the village. They are immediately tied up in the village and questioned. Even though the boys continue to insist they are not rebel soldiers, the chief does not believe them. The chief would not believe the boys until they discovered a rap cassette tape in Ishmael’s pocket. The chief forces Ishmael to explain the rap music. Ishmael was instructed to sing and dance to “O.P.P” by Naughty by Nature and “I Need Love” by LL Cool J. The chief is still cautious of the boys until a young boy from the village admits to knowing Ishmael and his friends. The boys are untied and the village surprisingly feeds them and even offers them a place to stay. Knowing that the rebels will eventually come, the boys refuse the offer. At that point in the book,
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