A Long Way Home By Saroo Brierley

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Throughout the course of the book, A Long Way Home, Saroo Brierley, the author, encounters a series of traumatic experiences that lead to bittersweet moments. Unlike a normal child’s infancy, Saroo was physically and mentally consuming. Through his experience, we are able to get a glimpse of the many struggles and hardships young children live in India daily. His petrifying experiences of living on the streets, Liluah, and Nava Jeevan finally lead to his safe haven of being taken by the Brierley’s. Having to live on the streets for weeks at the age of five years old could have not been any more difficult, but through this experience, he was able to acquire instinctive survival skills. With this said, it also includes all the times he had to patiently wait for leftover food and crumbs to be dropped for him to get at least a portion of one daily meal. All of the people that he encountered throughout the weeks that he lived on his own became a part of his bittersweet experience. For instance, the little girl that he played with in the river or the old man that saved him twice from drowning, once the young girl had left. The little girl was momentary hope and company to Saroo. He had yet to encounter anyone that he could play with, even if it meant just splashing around and not saying a word. Of course, she could not stay forever and in his excitement, he missed an opportunity to go with her and her family when he was having too much fun splashing in the water;
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